Dwiki Dharmawan scored and composed the music for new TVC of Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia. Both Theme Song sang by Indonesian Diva, Rossa.

The official campaign to promote tourism in Indonesia clearly has set a new standard to bring visitors in Wonderful Indonesia and  Pesona Indonesia. Through a series of very high quality videos on the different parts of the archipelago, it produces means to attract tourists and facilitate the communication of travel agencies and tourism professionals.

This campaign promoted on International Media & Spot likes Astro TV, National Geographic Australia, FX-Australia, Channel News Asia, FOX Channels, CCTV China, CNBC International, Channel 5 Channel 8 Channel U Singapore, MBN, MBC, TV3, TBS, TV Asahi Ch. 1, Channel 7, Channel 9, Aljazeera, DIVA (Asia TV Channel), Discovery Channel, Travel Living Channel/AFC, CNN International, BBC World, Sport Channels, Travel Living Channel/AFC, Time Square New York and many more.