• RELEASE DATE /14 August 2020

Executive Producer : Inspire Music
Producer : Rossa
Label : Inspire Music
Vocal : Rossa
Arrangement Music : Ari Aru Vocal
Director : Gamaliel Tapiheru
Video Lyric : Inspire Production
Composer : Enda Ungu
Translate by 근형 Geunhyung & Vita

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Few words

Few weeks ago, the Indonesian Diva, Rossa posted her old song ‘Hati Yang Kau Sakiti’ (The Heart You Hurt) which she sang in Korean language on her social media accounts titled Sangcheo Badeun Maeum. As a result, the song attracted many positive responses dan reactions from music lovers and netizens. Many of them praise and even cover the song.

Sangcheo Badeun Maeum now becomes more viral especially among the K-Popers (name for K-pop music fans). The song has been covered by Indonesian and Korean YouTubers. Rossa explained that it was actually all started when she was just trying to pass the time during quarantine. She would have never guessed that the song would become so viral and get so many good responses from the listeners.

About this song, I called Ivan Alidiyan to ask him to create a simple music using piano for me, whereas for the lyrics I asked a friend in Seoul to translate it in to Korean language. And to make sure the lyrics are correct, she also asked her native Korean friend to help”, said the Indonesian Diva.

The recording was taken in front of the TV in my house, getting help by one of my team and the mixing by Mr. Dandy Lasahido. And apparently I still have a video in stock that I haven’t used before, so here comes the Korean version of Hati Yang Kau Sakiti”, Rossa continued with smile.

She later said that the idea came up because Hati Yang Kau Sakiti is so famous and often being requested by the net citizens to be the soundtrack of the popular Korean drama series, The World of The Married. She then recreated the song in Korean version.